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Welcome to nuclearmeltd0wn101`s Music Storage!
I'd created MusicSync Server and hosted this site because of my disrespection to VK (Russian FB analog) audio content storage service administration`s policy.
This site is my personal music storage, alternative of my VK audios, where I store my music collection.
Notice: web-interface currently displays playlists about 1000 audios really slow. If you want view all audios through web-interface, please be patient.

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The New Age (74)
Dark side (18)
жиза (47)
fave0 (35)
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fave2 (16)
japenese (25)
rusongs (107)
GTA Vice City OST (10)
Persona OST (18)
School 13 OST (44)
sch13_rlx (13)
Everlasting Summer (11)
Portal (4)
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